Malevich Round Vase - LIMITED EDITION

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The Malevich Round Vase takes inspiration from Modernism and Suprematism. Available in two different colors, it is the perfect home decor to arrange flowers and get a modern touch inside.

  • Design: NOOM, Ukraine
  • Colors: CS2, CSL2 (see each vase color descriptions)
  • Materials: Oxidized copper, Burned steel, Painted Steel, Copper
  • LEAD TIME: 8 weeks

The Malevich Round Vase takes inspiration from the work of renowned Suprematist artist, Kazimir Malevich. As a a modernist art movement of the early twentieth century, he focused his work on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines and rectangles. He is recognized as having been one of the first abstract artists of the 20th century.

Create outstanding floral compositions by choosing this original and limited edition vase, whose appearance is changing according to one viewing angle. Moreover, just like a Modernist painting, this round vase is dominated by a metallic aura, which, more than a decorative element, allow to put any flowers on a pedestal. And finally, its matte metal finish and reflection properties will certainly bring modernity into your home.

Available in two different colors.

  • US Dimensions: H 11,22 in x W 4,48 in x D 3,93 in
  • Learn more about NOOM



Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions19 × 10 × 28.5 cm




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