Interior Design Trends 2021 - Neon Lights Are Back !


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Second act of our Spring/Summer 2021 Trend Reports. This ebook is taking the challenge to help interior architects and creatives to achieve exceptional projects by giving them materials, colors, and forms guidance of the season.


Product details:

  • A 2 of 4, 8-page exclusive report,
  • Downloadable Ebook


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ACT II/ Neon Lights Are Back!

“The subtlety will come from the staging of the neon lights. Their accumulation or on the contrary their solitude, their clear exposure, or their dissimulation. This capacity to exist strong, to take all the light is incredible, sought after, and recognized, finally. These radiant lights will seduce hearts with their artistic abilities to give importance to any material. Their aura is unmistakable and hypnotic. Let the light be, even if it is shrill, we need it.”


Our founder, Chloé Valette, knows how hard it is for a design professional to get fresh ideas for new projects. That’s why she’s started to edit exclusive interiors and furniture design Trend Reports. Twice a year, she is digging deeply into the design world and gathers all the best references from design shows and interior design projects in New York, Milan, Paris, and more into both a Fall/Winter and a Spring/Summer report.

Tackling the innovation challenge is just as much a skill as designing or creating, and you and your team need guidance to perform when it counts. Thanks to our Trend Report, containing 4 professionally designed trend moods with exclusive insights, find out everything you need to deliver amazing projects to your customers and followers, drawing inspiration from the best emerging or established design trends.

Here’s what’s inside our new and exclusive 6page ebook issue, for the Spring/Summer, Interior Design Trends 2021 season:

  •     1 of 4 Key Trends of the season, 
  •     The complete Pantone color chart of the theme,
  •     Up to 15 studios names (designers, galleries, interior designers, etc),
  •     ALL images are clickable, allowing you to access limitless new insights!

       ➡ You’ll receive this as an ebook – in English.


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