Asymmetrical Arch Pendant Light

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The Asymmetrical Arch Pendant Light is an elegant and contemporary lighting to fit any modern interior ceiling.

  • DESIGN: Àngel Mombiedro, Madrid, Spain
  • MATERIALS: Blue lacquered steel
  • LEAD TIME: 2 to 3 weeks

The Asymmetrical Arch Pendant Light is a very poetic ceiling lamp. In terms of design, everything is a good balance matter, especially when it comes to lighting. This lamp has a very elegant look, which certainly has something to do with its light sources of two different forms. Indeed we can feel how harmonious this arch pendant light is, accentuated by a deep blue color coating. A simple but yet singular contemporary lighting to gain freshness and modernity.

Custom-made available for any RAL color metal and pole height. Please request a quote above for any specific requirement.

  • US Dimensions: Arch Width 45.66 in x Arch Heigh 30.70 in x End shapes Depth 3.14 in
  • Learn more about Àngel Mombiedro


Ángel Mombiedro

Ángel Mombiedro is a young furniture designer living and working in Madrid.
Weight40 kg
Dimensions116 × 8 × 78 cm


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