301 Mirror Chair

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The 301 Mirror Chair is a mirror in the form of a seat capable of blending into its environment. This chair is the first piece of furniture made by American designer Kevin Solis.

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  • Design by Kevin Solis
  • Material: Mirror polished steel

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The specific project of the 301 Mirror Chair began as an inquiry on creating a seating object that is constantly trying to defy its own nature. Starting from the simplest principles for the elaboration of its form and thus the way it functions. The chair has a reduced structure which is constructed proportionally, in metal, making its parts all the same thickness, given its sturdiness but at the same time making it look bigger and heavier than any typical chair.

​The true nature of this mirror chair is essentially its non-intrusiveness, it is an all-encompassing object. Its “reflective skin” allows it to contain everything around and disappear in the environment. The fact that it is able to hold itself on three edges disregard and neutralize even more its prominent weight and materiality. This chair gets a daring and futuristic design inspiration for sure.

This chair is the first piece of furniture made by American designer Kevin Solis. Delivered to assemble (3 legs + 1 backrest + 1 seat).

  • US Dimensions: L 23 in x W 23 in x H 32 in
Weight21 kg
Dimensions58 × 58 × 81 cm

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