How It Works

Collectible design furniture for sale online.

DESIGN. Here at store/huskdesign, we’ve selected the most unique pieces, mostly handcrafted by the designers themselves. Our collection consists of collectible and contemporary furniture and decorative objects, with outstanding finishes and of high quality materials.

LEAD TIME. It is because we promote independent design, unlike mass production, than the lead times displayed are often in weeks. Indeed, when placing your order, most of the time the item does not exist yet and will gradually come to life in the hands of its creator. It is a guarantee of authenticity that every customer will benefit from.

SHIPPING. As mentioned in our Shipping topic, designers also take charge of the shipping. Who better than a designer himself to ensure the proper protection of his creation? Shipping time can go from 2  to 7 working days.

TRADE DEALS. We can offer trade discount to interior designers and architects on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to know more about this program.