Stromboli Associates

Mexico, Mexico City

Stromboli Associates, furniture design studio, on store/huskdesign

STROMBOLI ASSOCIATES is a design studio and brand created by Mexico-based French designer Clémence Seilles. Clémence applies her multi-task talents into collections of objects, furniture and interiors with local craft-workshops from Mexico and worldwide prospective industries in recycled materials. She finds her inspiration in post-Modernism, Tropical and futurist influences, promoting “an international look from the new center-south world” as she likes to say.

From industrial to hand crafted objects, the studio generates creative and technical capacities in adequation with contemporary trends. For each new piece, the studio is committed to originality and excellence by carefully choosing its collaborators, bringing together a community of local and international authors. STROMBOLI has established relationships with Mexican producers achieving both a high quality and sustainable production. This model meets the needs of its customers who look for genuine and original design that stands out from what is available on the market place, yet at an affordable price. 

Clemence Seilles graduated from the prestigious Royal College of Art of London in 2008. Since then, surfing with Science Fiction influences, Clemence has produced objects, interiors and scenographies worldwide. She is one of the founders of the study Master program “The Dirty Art Department”at the Sandberg Instituut of Amsterdam. She is also behind the experimental music salon “MORTAL RECORDINGS”,  “LA CANCIÓN” music school and the concept bar “LA BASURA” to be oponed final 2019.

Featured Products

Colorful café chair
DKMX Café Chair / Set of 2
Geometrical contemporary chairs
Banco Contemporary Chair with armrests / Set of 2
Set of 4 café chairs
DKMX Café Chairs / Set of 4
Painted-glass floor light
Cocktail Neon Floor Light