Nîmes, France

Cassiom, Florent Le Scornet fondateur

With a focus on the future, Cassiom designs and sells exceptional innovative decorative items that have never been seen before. These items interpret, explain and appropriate scientific exploration of the Cosmos and great discoveries. The company, which is unique in its genre, brings together the astronomy buffs and those with a passion for decoration who collect signed items, which are testimony to our place in the infinite universe.

Cassiom is the brainchild of one passionate visionary man and educationalist, Florent Le Scornet.

Surrounded by a team of professionals for all functions of the business, Florent Le Scornet created Cassiom in Paris, then in Nîmes close to space observation sites near the Parc National des Cévennes, which is European Nocturnal Heritage listed.

In Paris, he brings together the talent of Ludovic Roth, young designer of renown, who gives physical expression to maritime dreams.

Apart from the educational value of the Cassiom collections and their validation by the scientific community, each item is thought out and designed with precision and draws on sophisticated know-how: artists, engineers, designers, astrophysicists, craftsmen…

When all working together, they conceive items with a view to a top-quality design.


Ludovic Roth, designer français pour Cassiom
Ludovic Roth has developed a holistic approach to design and has worked on a large variety of projects across Europe, Asia and the USA.
His specialized in product and furniture design, interior design and art.
The approach is very open, sometimes even experimental, free of boundaries. His work combines the latest technical processes with traditional tried know-how. Formal exploration and reinvention as well as experimentation with raw materials and technological advance make for a unique approach to design.
Born in France in 1983, Ludovic Roth studied at Marc Bloch University in fine arts section and L’ Ecole Bleue in Paris. Graduated in 2008, he starts as an independent designer and worked both on personal projects as well as various diverse collaborations, notably as a project manager within the agency of prominent French designers Mathieu Lehanneur and Fabrice Berrux. At the same time, in 2012 he opens Arro studio with Erik Arlen, a global design studio mainly focusing on industrial design.
Ludovic Roth strives to develop a fresh and responsible mindset when conceiving objects and places of our everyday lives.

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