Bodegón Cabinet

Barcelona, Spain

Bodegon Cabinet is an inter-disciplinary firm based in Barcelona, and focused on architecture, interior and furniture design.

The name of the studio is the Spanish translation of Still life. It comes from the idea of natural or handmade objects ordered in a given space using design, colors and lighting to produce a harmony, comfort and well-being effect.

This is Bodegon Cabinet’s aim, to design still lives in all of its projects creating bespoke houses, hotels, restaurants or furniture that enrich human experience.

Bodegon Cabinet is a studio directed by two architects, and, for this reason, our way of approaching each field in precisely the same manner. Architecture becomes the basis, and, so on, the objective is to enjoy the production processes, convinced of the nonexistence of small projects and that possible formats are endless.


Featured Products

La Redonda Lounge Chair, contemporary and sculptural chair
La Redonda Lounge Chair