Bling Studio

Lille, France

Bling Studio, Anaïs Maillard and Charles Corthier, French designers, for sale on store/huskdesign

Anaïs Maillard and Charles Corthier have founded bling studio. in 2018.

Their work translates and defines their way of seeing design: an artistic approach to the discipline. Starting from everyday observations, their work is focused on translating a reality marked by memories, sensations and past moments. They seek to arouse emotions and reflections through contemplative objects, as witnesses of a certain temporality.

From an artistic background, the duo is inspired by ancient and contemporary objects and is working on every projects on a global and very artistic approach.

Featured Products

Unusual layered and arched wall mirror in polished stainless steel.
Dune Layered Wall Mirror

Please note that some manufacturers (big items only) are close for part or all August.

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