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Credits: Set design by Chloé Valette for Huskdesignblog / 3D Image by @notoostudio

The Concept.

We create a furniture design and home decor enhanced experience.

Crafted from independent designers themselves, designed for seekers of unique designs and collectors, find out the best contemporary and collectible design pieces.

As part of our first collection, we chose to highlight American and French designers first, and we are glad to welcome new comers from everywhere.

We worked in partnership with Notoostudio to create a singular set design, that fits the style we believe in.



French Design


American Design


Spanish Design


Korean Design

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“When Americans are true adventurers, never afraid of any material or proportions, French are entirely devoted to delicacy and functionality. For us, it is quite clear that all designers deserve the best attention for what they have to offer.

Chloé Valette, Founder

Bodegón Cabinet

La Redonda Lounge Chair


Mellow Vases